Beagle Bed & Breakfast

Kennel-Free Overnight Boarding and Dog Daycare in Emmitsburg, MD

Beagle Bed & Breakfast's Freedom Farm

17449 Irishtown Road, Emmitsburg, MD 21227

Beagle Bed & Breakfast is the premier kennel-free Doggie Daycare and Overnight Boarding service in Emmitsburg, MD, providing excellent, personalized care and loving attention to canine companions in a safe, happy, and stress-free environment. We are unique in our ability to provide rapid communication with all of our clients by providing daily report cards, social media photos and videos, text updates, and our fields are equipped with live cameras so you can watch your dogs play.

Our 15 Acre farm is ideal for your dogs to enjoy their visits in our large fenced outdoor play areas with other properly socialized dogs. Imagine them running and playing through the fields soaking up the sunshine during the day.

Each afternoon nap time and night will be spent curled up  in our Farmhouse listening to soothing music as they drift off to sleep. 24/7 loving care is provided by  trained professionals.
Our kennel-free facility is perfect for socialized dogs that enjoy their dog friends and cuddling with people.