Beagle Bed & Breakfast

Kennel-Free Overnight Boarding and Dog Daycare in Emmitsburg, MD


How often does my dog need to attend Doggie Daycare?
You  may bring your dog every day, if you like, but many guests come a few  times a week, depending on their energy level.  Daycare gives dogs with  extra energy a place to burn it off while you’re away from home.  A  tired dog is a happy dog!  Dogs, by nature, are highly social animals.   Doggie Daycare provides a place for dogs to socialize and reduce  behavior problems that can result from being isolated and alone at  home. 

Do I have to commit to a schedule?
Daycare  hours are between 6:30am-7:00pm, Monday - Friday and 8:00am-7:00pm, Weekends.  Half-day daycare is  limited to a maximum of 4 hours per day.  Pre-arranged drop off and  pick-ups are available outside of our normal operating hours for a fee ($5 per every 15 minutes). Last minute reservations are accepted, as long as space is available.

Do you accept all breeds?
Yes,  all paws welcome! Owners need to certify that their pet(s) have not  harmed or shown aggression toward any person or other pet. If a pet  shows aggression he/she may be expelled from daycare.  The meet &  greet appointment is designed for us to confirm how your dog does with  others.

Is my dog supervised during daycare?
Yes, there is one Dog Wrangler to every 10-15 dogs. The supervisor makes sure a good time is had by all.  Dogs are attended 24/7.

How do I know my dog is being cared for properly?
We  post pictures and videos on our Facebook page and on Instagram throughout the day.  You may also feel free to contact us at any time  check in on your dog.

I have a small dog, will he be safe?
We have separate areas for small dogs and big dogs to play. Dogs are put into a play group according to their size, energy, and age.  We have two large fields for each group; Tiny Tikes and Gentle Giants.

What will my dog do all day?
Play, run, romp, wrestle, socialize with other dogs, get cuddles from staff, curl up for naps, lounge and make new friends!

It's my pets' first time boarding, what do I need to bring?
We  want to make sure that your dog is comfortable and happy when they  visit, but some dogs will get uncomfortable having other dogs play with  their toys. Overnight boarding dogs will need to have their regular food  in portioned baggies, bowl, medications, leash, collar with ID along  with any special instructions.  Please do not bring beds, blankets, or toys.  We have plenty and we don't want anyone's personal items getting lost, chewed up by another dog or guarded.

What happens at the meet & greet?
We  take time to discuss any important information specific to your pet.  Your pet will be introduced to a couple of new playmates to see how  he/she will react to new friends.  Meet & Greets  last approximately 30 minutes. We then have your dog stay for a half day of Doggie Daycare so that we can complete our Temperament Test.


Do you feed my pet during daycare?
If  you would like your pet to eat while at daycare you will need to supply  his food or treats and his/her eating schedule. There is no extra cost  to feed your pet while in daycare.

My pet has special needs. Will this cost extra?
No,  most medications and dietary needs will be handled at no extra cost to  you. If your pet requires injections this will be discussed with you  during the interview process or by phone before applying. Pets with  handicaps are welcome at daycare and boarding and appropriate accommodations will be  made.

Do you offer any discounts?
We offer prepaid packages for Full-Day Daycare and Overnight Boarding.  We also have discounts for Military families, First Responders, and Rescue Discounts (for new adopters).

Do you offer your services to older pets?
Yes!  All ages are welcome. Older or handicapped pets will be placed in  appropriate playgroups or if they like to relax alone they will be  placed in the lounge where they can rest and nap all day. There is a 10%  discount for senior pets over 9 years old. 

What if my pet becomes ill during daycare?
We  will try in all cases to use your veterinarian, which is specified on  your dog's profile form, if your pet is feeling under the weather. If  your veterinarian is not within close proximity of our daycare or is  unavailable during the necessary time, we will use our veterinarian. You  will receive a call in all instances of illness before any treatment is done.  In an emergency situation, your dog will be taken to the closest veterinarian.