What are clients saying about Enrichment on the Farm?


Daisy is so pleasant when she comes home! Usually she would come back so tired from running all day, she'd immediately fall asleep (not a bad thing for me after work!), but after the Enrichment on the Farm program, she seems a bit happier and less exhausted, just more calm and content once she's back home. It's been great to hear about what she does during the day. She's an Aussie, a smart dog, and I am glad she's able to play brain games and use her mind. 



My dog goes to doggy day care at Beagle Bed & Breakfast four days a week, and has participated in the Enrichment program during its beta cycle. There are two things that she loves to do more than any other (well, three, but I'm not going to pay for her to sleep!), and that's to walk and to sniff around, two activities which the BBB staff structure her Enrichment day around with walks in the woods, sniffing games, etc. Instead of trying to fit my square peg dog into a round "one size fits all" activity hole, she has activities designed for her likes--the walking, the sniffing, the finding, and not being made to participate in activities that her daddy doesn’t think are appropriate for her.

It wasn't until I saw a video of her in action during one of her Enrichment days that I realized just what a good time she had during her Enrichment day (somehow, asking "How was your day, sweetie?" never got a good reply from her). The individual attention from the BBB staff is really valuable to her and comforting to me, and it keeps her mentally stimulated, and helps keep her from sleeping the day away.

The BBB staff all treat her like the Princess that she is, and she--a dog that is NOT a people dog--looks upon them with affection. Her eagerness to to leave in the morning, plus the happy, jaunty angle her tail is at, tells me how much she enjoys her days at BBB.



As a rescue (and as a Jack), Bernie is particular -- about the games he plays, about the dogs he plays with, about being the center of attention. What I love about this program the most is that it encourages him to do other things, with patience. And after a couple of days, I could see in the pictures, videos and report cards the difference in his enjoyment in the program. Bernie has learned that there is more to life than chasing a tennis ball. And momma has learned that he sleeps longer and sounder after an enrichment day on the Farm.



The Enrichment Program has been wonderful for our dog Spark.  His participation in the program is translated into  our home, Spark now follows commands at home and is patient when people open the front door.  We love watching the videos on the Facebook page showing not only Sparks progress but the other doggies. 



Finnegan has a wonderful time at the Enrichment on the Farm! He is little but likes to follow the big boys with all the agility. His favorite is dancing and going to the creek. 

For his mom, its's great to know he has quality outside activity and stimulation during the day. He has a ball and his mom loves getting his report cards to find out what fun activities he did that day! So cute and informative. Very reasonable cost for the effort and creativity in the service. Thank you BBB!