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Suspected Breed(s): Beagle

Gender: Male

Age: ~5 years old

Weight: ~25 lbs

Henry is a handsome black and tan (with a little white) beagle rescued from Bladen County, NC.  We believe he was an outdoor dog in his past life, most likely a hunting dog.  He's been doing wonderfully learning to love the indoor life and has found a new appreciation for a soft comfy dog bed and lots of cuddles from people.  He loves getting attention and will put his paws on your leg, look up at you with those big brown, droopy eyes and you will be mesmerized into petting him. He loves being outside sniffing around and has an adorable low pitched howl when he finds a scent or gets excited about something.  He does great with the other dogs and loves people.  I suspect he would do wonderful with children as well!

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Suspected Breed(s): Rat Terrier mix

Gender: Female

Age: 6 years old

Weight: 33 lbs  

Jaxie bonds to her human very quickly and will love and adore you. Jaxie is a southern gal who would LOVE having her human not only her on walks, but car rides also as she loves to accompany her human on their journeys.  Jaxie is a calm girl inside the house, but enjoys her zoomies and rolling in the grass outside.  A fenced in yard that allows her to run, sniff, and enjoy a sunshiny day would be her heaven!  She also loves to watch the squirrels and has a cute little kangaroo hop when she sees one. 

Jaxie is extremely smart and funny.  She gets excited for breakfast and dinner, but doesn't eat until you tell her to sit, then say "OK - GO!"  She knows sit, paw, come, and go-to-bed. Jaxie is housebroken and is good on leash.  Although if she sees a squirrel on-leash she will pull and try to catch it. Jax is not as interested in toys as she is with chasing squirrels and sniffing around.

Jax is NOT great with other dogs. She developed some anxieties that can be overcome with time, that caused her to become territorial over her home and owner. Allowing her to be the only pet inside her domain will help reduce those anxieties and be her most comfortable and happy self!



Suspected Breed(s): Beagle mix
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 23 lbs

McGuyver is a sweet boy who loves to snuggle in bed as much as he loves to play fetch. He is playful but also calm and good in a crate. That, coupled with his beautiful coat and sweet smile, make him the perfect package. Although most of the time he’s a brave boy, he is fearful of cars and would do best in an area without lots of traffic. He takes a few minutes to warm up, so patience is key when meeting him. 

If you’d love to play outside and then crash on the couch with a new buddy, apply today to meet McGuyver!

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Oliver and Dodger (Bonded Pair)


Suspected Breed(s): Beagles
Gender: Males
Age: Both boys are about 8 years old
Weight: 20-25 lbs

These sweet boys have far outgrown the crazy puppy/teenager stage. Described as super sweet and mellow, they have been together since birth so we suspect they cannot be separated.  We are working on housebreaking, walking on a leash, and basic commands.  

These lovable boys will give you tons of cuddles, kisses and love, so apply to have them join your family.

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