Adopt A Dog


Suspected Breed(s): Beagle mix

Gender: Male

Age: 6 months old

Weight: 20 lbs

Personality: Friendly, outgoing

Observations with Dogs: Good with other dogs

Rescued From: Roane County, WV

Meet Bertie! He's a friendly pup who adores being with people. He has a chemical burn on his back that is healing nicely, but this doesn't dampen his puppy enthusiasm for life! Bertie is a playful, fun, floppy foster dog looking for a home!  If you're looking to adopt a dog, Bertie might be your man!


Suspected Breed(s): Treeing Walker Coonhound
Gender: Female
Age: 3.5 years old
Weight: 46 lbs
Personality: Friendly, Eager to please, Smart, Affectionate, Adaptable, Quick Learner, Loyal, Goofy, Snuggler, Energetic
Observations with Dogs: Good with other dogs at the dog park.
Observations with Kids: Sheila has been gentle with the kids she has met while on walks.
House Training Progress: Occasional accidents
Rescued From: Columbus Co, NC

Are you looking for a goofy, melodious snuggle bug to  bring lots of love into your life? Look no further than Miss Sheila!  While she might be a tad standoffish at first, once she feels  comfortable, she will crack you up with her goofy rolls and big floppy  ears, while showering you with all the love in the world. Sheila is  incredibly loyal, and is working on learning her commands – so far she  knows sit, look, touch and stay! Sheila particularly enjoys: treeing  squirrels, "helping" in the kitchen, all things food, walking around the  neighborhood, meeting other dogs, playing with her Kong, and napping on  cozy surfaces.


Suspected Breed(s): Beagle mix
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years old
Weight: 35 lbs
Personality: Eager to please, friendly, snuggler, easygoing, gentle, affectionate, quiet, calm
Observations with Dogs: Good with other dogs; playful. Loves the resident dog at his foster home.
Observations with Cats: Untested
Observations with Kids: Loves kids; gentle with them.
House Training Progress: Occasional accidents
Crate Training Progress: Richard reacts aversely to the crate. His foster family leaves him uncrated at home alone for up to 2 hours, and he has been fine.
Rescued From: Smyth County, Virginia

Richard is an old soul and all-around happy dog. He loves people and is a great listener. Richard's favorite thing is to do is cuddle up in a ball right next to you and put his head on your lap. His soulful eyes will melt your heart. He is quiet, calm, and gentle. He is also great with other dogs -- the only time Richard might whine is when he spots one of his dog friends out the window. Richard is an eager learner and is not above self-improvement!  He knows the command “Come here!” and is mastering “sit.” Richard is a friendly, easy-going pup who will be a great addition to your home.