What does a typical day look like?



Dogs that are staying for an overnight visit are fed, while the dog transportation shuttle will be picking up our daycare dogs at the specified pick-up stops. All dogs are fed separately. After feeding, we give them a 20-minute break to digest their breakfast before taking them out to play.  

7:00am to 12:00pm

The daycare dogs arrive around this time and we get all the dogs accustomed to each other. Then, weather permitting, we safely use slip leads and leashes to transport the dogs to the gated fields. We make sure that there is plenty of water for them and that in the summer months the pool is filled. We have dogs playing, napping, snuggling, sniffing, and howling throughout the day. If the weather is nice, we let them take their naps outside in the shade, but otherwise around 12pm or so, we take them back to the downstairs area and allow them to take naps inside. We separate out the small and large dogs into their groups, and play relaxing music for them to listen to.  Afternoon play time resumes after naps are finished until around 4:30 pm, when our shuttle driver takes dogs needing transportation to meet their parents and we start dinner for those dogs staying with us.

1:00pm to 2:30pm

Generally  the dogs settle down for an afternoon nap.  Those who still have some  energy will play together while the others dream.

5:00-7:00pm: We start the process of feeding the dogs, again separately. Then, the dogs start to settle down again for the evening. After dinner, we take the dogs to the side yard for potty break and allow them to run around. Again, if weather permitting, we take them back to the fields and let them play some more.

7:00pm to 10:30pm

Dogs lounge around, play, nap, watch TV and just do what dogs do.


The dogs are usually napping by this time and around 9:30, they are taken out for a final potty break and then settle down for the night. We have plenty of dog beds, as well as a bed for the overnight caretaker. They are allowed on the bed if it is requested or routine for them.