Beagle Bed & Breakfast

Kennel-Free Overnight Boarding and Dog Daycare in Emmitsburg, MD

What to Bring


Enough  food for the entire stay with instructions on the bag with amount to be  given and how many times per day and anything you would like added to  the meal (i.e. canned pumpkin, yogurt, wet food etc.) 


Provide any medications that your dog needs to take during their stay, including their dosages, time of day they receive the medication and how your dog generally takes them (i.e. in wet food, cheese, without food, etc.).

Leash, collar, harness

Your dog needs to have a name and number as identification either on their collar or harness.  We advise you to leave their leash with us so that we can have them all prepare for your pickup.

Special Instructions

All special instructions should be updated in your dogs' online profile whenever anything changes (i.e. amount of food, type of food,  medications, new medication conditions, etc.).  This will help us be consistent with your dogs care here just like they are at home.


Please do not bring any toys, personal items or anything from home other than the above items.  There is no need to bring your dog's bowl. We have bowls that are washed daily for your dog to use while they are here. 

We cannot guarantee that additional items will be returned home in their same condition since dogs tend to share.  Other dogs might not treat those items the same way as your dog and we don't want any dogs becoming possessive over items from home.